Techcrawl NYC highlights!

28 curious college students from Smith College, Mt. Holyoke and CCNY participated in a day of learning about careers in technology on March 23rd!  

Our first two speakers (Terri Clark and Doreen Bloch) kicked off the day at Silicon Valley Bank’s NYC office with talks about career paths and the startup trends to know. 

Libby Brittain hosted us in one of Hearst’s auditoriums and shared her career path story and answered questions like “what do VCs look for when they make their investment decisions”. 

The guys at Grovo hosted us at their office and answered many questions about their company, gave different students a chance to talk to their animators and engineers, and provided insightful startup hiring advice! 

Special thanks to John Mezic and Cara Levy of Powerconcepts LLC for speaking about careers in engineering.  They were able to host many of our CCNY engineering students on short notice!

Meghan Greenhalgh gave students a great overview of her role at Google, Google’s culture, and practical career advice.  She also thoughtfully allowed our hungry students to sample some of Google’s snacks. 

After debriefing about our day at Shake Shack, we ended our Techcrawl at General Assembly where Kika Gilbert shared more about her role as a community manager for Showme and also provided additional resources ( and for the students to look into.

Common theme shared amongst all speakers

1. Networking, networking, networking— this can be done online or in real life.  Use Twitter and Linkedin to connect with people! Preference for jobs goes to those who are introduced through mutual friends/acquaintances.

Thanks again to everyone who was able to make the Techcrawl a success!

Special thanks also to Olivia Tong who directed students in the morning and accompanied students to PowerConcepts LLC! 

Updates from the feedback survey soon!

Techcrawl NYC— March 23rd

Who- Students from the Smith College, Mt. Holyoke, Barnard, and CCNY


8:30-9am Registration and Welcome (Regina Chien from Silicon Valley Bank)

9-9:45am Terri Tierney Clark—

10-10:45am Doreen Bloch— “The Coolest Startups In America” and

11:30-12:15pm Libby Brittain— Hearst Ventures

1-2pm Jeff Fernandez—

2:30-4pm Meghan Greenhalgh— Google for Group 1

2:45-4pm John Mezic — PowerConcepts LLC  for Group 2

5:30pm Kika Gilbert — Showme Community Manager 

Where- Start at Silicon Valley Bank’s NYC office and we’ll move on to different on-site visits.

505 5th Ave 

11th Floor

NY, NY 10017

Registration is now closed but leave a comment if you are interested in being updated on the next Techcrawl!